Hi there

For my friends outside Sweden i made a promise to translate my page.

My english isnt the best, but hopefully u manage to get some sence out of this anyway  :-)

I will talk a bit of my different pages and link it from here. I thought this is the easy way.

Ive made all buttons and backgrounds myself and ofcourse my own pictures if it doesnt say any else.

The links below (buttons), will open in new windows so u can look at them and read in here as well.

Just 'ME, The swedish text is a bit old. And it says, im 42 years old in April, have 3 kids that become 15,17 and 19 this year.

sara.htm A link to thiers scrapbooking site.

And it also says my interest but it is obviouse if u look at the rest of my page :-)


This is one of my passions, has been awhile since i bought som new and a few death of them also.

Hoya is the latin name of this flower. Here in Sweden it has to grow indoors. Mostely of them comes from malaysia, thailand. There are those who growes them even in the states. Ted Green http://www.rare-hoyas.com/Catalog.htm


Faries...I collect this also. Someday i want to go to Scotland ive heard they came from there ;-)

click at the door and u will come in to a page with links.



My pictures. There is one button natur, is the same in english nature. And next button mixtrade, is pictures ive played with in photoshop.



Travel and other places. Pictures and some text from where i have been.

Lanzarote and Azores is from abroad. Gotland is an island outside Sweden. Kullabygden is from and around my hometown. Utlykter is some trips we have been taking at weekends.

Medeltiden, mediveal...a page i did that belongs to Gotland.

every year they have a manifest a whole week, everybody dressed up and they try to recreate the mediveal. A link in english to the page of Gotland


I have been there 3 years  and hope to get there again.



Recipes, if u really want one of them e-mail me :-)



Links, but only to swedish pages.



Hmm...looked it up and it says pottering. Sounds like u take seeds in a pott to grow? anyway in here i have some of what i like to do in speartime. scrapbooking and other project.



In this category i have put in some of my other passions of the moment. making my own jewelery. Its basic a thread and i put some pearls on it :-)




I do hope this makes my friends to understand my homepage a bit better and see...u also did learn some swedish along the way :-)


my guestbook and to contact me.



In the guestbook, just scroll down and u will find text namn = name  e-post=e-mail  hemsida=homepage  

meddelande=message    and skicka= send